Mobile Bike Repair on the Olympic Peninsula

Your mechanic: Marc Hilt

Image of Marc Hilt owner and head mechanic at Shining Star Cycles
Galbraith mountain bike trails summer 2016 flanked on the left by oldest son and wife on right

I began my cycling carrier in the early 1970's. Very early in my racing I wanted a new set of wheels that where based on my own weight and riding style. As simple as that sounds it propelled me into the industry. I built those wheels in 1976 by 1997 I was working with a custom frame builder doing the wheel building and assembly of custom road, touring bikes and tandems.

Just a few reasons to use Shining Star Cycles

  • Fast, affordable and easy. I save you gas and time by coming to you!
  • You'll never have to put a dirty bike in your car again!
  • I don't make you wait. Some shops want a week before they can get to your bike. Most days we can do same-day service.
  • I work around YOUR schedule, and come when it's convenient for you.
  • I am the owner of the business and am the same person that will work on your bike - nothing gets passed off to an hourly employee.

Besides being a mechanic I spent 20 years racing bicycles. Road, mountain bike and long course triathlons. I still ride and run daily if I have a chance.

My current road bike is a Fezzaari which I had them assemble for me with the ultra light Sram Red 22 group. I still own some of my old steel racing bikes from the late 70's through the 80's but choose to look at them hanging on the wall rather than ride.

Marc Hilts fezzari road bike
Fezzari cr4, click for larger image

My recently restored 1989 Fat Chance Wicked which I use for commuting and touring. Many thousands of miles sitting in the saddle including one 3,000 mile tour.

Marc Hilts fat chance wicked
1989 Fat Chance wicked, click for larger image

Intense Spider 27.5 custom built.

Marc Hilts Intense Spider
Intense Spider 27.5 click for larger image

Ellsworth Moment custom built.

Marc Hilts Ellsworth
Ellsworth Moment click for larger image