Mobile Bike Repair on the Olympic Peninsula

Suspension Tuning and Service

Most people who own a mountain bike neglect or simply do not understand how often service is needed on their expensive suspension components.The fact that they do not know is a industry problem for sure.

DIY Person? Need seal kits, shock oils, bushings or tools? Shining Star can help you. I maintain a inventory for most shocks, forks and seat posts.

Replace your fork seals with SKF low friction

Fox Forks have come with skf low friction seals since 2012. I meet riders frequently who run their forks into the ground by not changing wipers or the lubricating bath oil that keeps a fork running smoothly.

skf fork seals from shining star cycles

Shining Star maintains a inventory of all sizes, and most shock types. A cheap preventative component.

DU Bushings

The most common suspension issue is the DU bushing. Pick up your bike by the seat, feel a kind of clunk/play? A very likely case of the DU bushings. They are the bushing's in your 2 shock eyes which connect the rear shock to the frame. A very easy fix and quite affordable. You can just get or have installed a new bushing or head off the frequent need to replace the bushings by using a tapered roller bearing type from Enduro.

image of DU bushings from shining star cycles
DU bushings and a Enduro tapered roller bearing

image of fox logo at shining star cycles
Fox recommends every 30 hours riding time for the older rear shocks and 125 hours or once a year which ever comes first for newer rears and forks.

image of rock shock logo at shining star cycles
Here is a maintenance schedule for Rock Shock. Keep in mind interval hours = riding time.

image of rock shock maintenance intervals at shining star cycles