Mobile Bike Repair on the Olympic Peninsula

E Thirteen tires

This is Exciting!

e thirteen tire image

Most people know E thirteen for components for mountain bikes, as did I. After going down repeatedly on wet roots (normally I just cruise through) this winter on a relatively popular DTC tire, we won't mention name. After searching around I came up with some tires I had never heard of: E Thirteens TRS Race & TRS Plus.

I mounted them on a newly built set of DT 401 xm rims with 240's hubs. First rides: it was frozen out so no real feed back on wet roots. It was obvious they clung to tera firma, one could here them clawing at the soil. Bring on thawing soil and heavy rains for the next ride. Gnarly is the best way to describe the adhesion to wet wood. Admittedly they are a stiffer sidewall than the other tires which will make a difference. Riding confidence went up a hundred fold over the previous paws I had been using. There is a weight of about penalty 250 grams more. More to come after this weekends rides on some very technical trails.

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