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Exposure Lights: Equinox

On a recent night ride 3 riders where using Exposure lights they had gotten from Shining Star Cycles. This is the first take on the Equinox helmet light.

equinox helmet light from shining star cycles

First Ride

The Equinox comes with a handle bar mounted remote switch. The supplied o rings of mounting would require one to remove grips, brake and shift levers to install. We just used zip ties. The lights and remote need to be paired which is simple enough. Done at the shop we needed to re-pair 2 of the 3 at the trail head for some reason. The cr2032 batteries supplied in the remotes where dead on arrival. When installing new ones it was apparent as to why the batteries did not have the common piece of plastic usually found in items supplied with battery installed to keep them from draining, the waterproofing o ring would not have allowed such.

After a bit of fussing to get lights paired and such we road for about a hour on single tracks. The lights where as bright as expected. With 3 positions the remotes worked well allowing full control over the beams brightness. 2 of the riders only road on high and medium, their lights died at about 50 minutes. The rider using all levels had 25% left after a hour.

2nd Ride feedback:

Only 2 riders showed with the Equinox. One of the 2 was not truly able to tell if the light was on high, medium or low because their handle bar light was very bright. Hence they went dead in about a half hour. The web site says a half hour on high. Pretty accurate. A plus would be if the handlebar remote had a light system which alerts you as to what setting your on. The back of the light has 3 blue led's. All 3 lit means high beam, 2 middle beam and 1 low. Because unlike a lot of other lights when you turn the light on it's on high, rather than low, your going into high power debt immediately.


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