Mobile Bike Repair on the Olympic Peninsula

Speed Lube

image of speed lube from shining star cycles
Speed Lube

Way back in the 70’s it was 3in1 oil. There are today many choices for chain lubricants. Frankly not all are going to be satisfactory for the Pacific NW. A few years ago I was looking for something which worked in summer and winter. The typical winter lubes where heavy in viscosity which of course kept them from washing off so quickly but chains got quite dirty quickly. A clean chain lasts many times longer than a dirty one. And summer lubes often dry lubes which tend to run noisy and are rather poor when your are on a ride which is wet. Having a lube which covers both seasons would be great. There is: Speed Lube. A very thin lube which leaves nothing sitting on the surface (when applied correctly) to pick up dirt and dust. Speed Lube is a penetrating lubricant with PFTE (think of TriFlow). I use it all year on both mountain and road bikes. At $10 for a 2 ounce bottle it is a little more costly but the savings in chain wear results in fewer chain replacements.

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